Poedit 2 is here and it is awesome!

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For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Poedit is a small but powerful piece of software that translates .pot language files. Both WP themes and WP plugins are using .pot language files for translations.

The guys at poedit.net are awesome! They have upgraded my premium license to version 2 FOR FREE! Yes, for free!

So, what’s new in version 2?

New interface design: although I didn’t have any problems with the way version 1 looked like, I really love v2 look and feel. A huge plus in usability is the highlight of special characters and formats.

Connect to WordPress: this is a dream come true for me. Before this feature I needed to download the language files locally, translate them and then upload the translation files on the server. Not anymore! Now I can just connect to my remote WordPress site and Poedit takes care of downloading and uploading as I save my translations. Think about it this way: for a big site you can save anywhere between 30 minutes and a few hours. Neat, huh?

Pre-translation: you can now pre-translate your language files with a click. After that you can just go through the entire translation and just make adjustments. Massive time saver

Although not a life changer for me, there is another thing about v2 worth talking about:
Twig templates: I don’t personally use any template engine with WordPress but I know quite a few developers who use them. Poedit can now extract strings from templates – another time saver!

Do you use Poedit already? If not, have a look at it and you will definitely be more efficient with your theme / plugin translation efforts.

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